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Umag is developed as a modern summer resort, one of the best in Croatia, and has a large number of tourists visiting it each year. There are sporting events such as the elite ATP Tournament (the Croatian Open) which is organized every year in the peak tourist season. The guests for this event include some of the best known names in the world of tennis.

Umag is located in the westernmost reaches of Croatia and the Istrian Peninsula itself. It is situated on the coast of a protected bay which is plush with a Medieval Period ambiance and has typical narrow streets and houses of the bygone era.

Its stretch from the River Dragonja in the north to the River Mirna in the south is especially dissociated from the coast. This region is low-lying and is approachable via many small bays and gravel and sand beaches. This makes this stretch a perfect place to loaf around in the summers and bask in the clean sea atmosphere.

The city is connected in the south with the city of Novigrad through a roadway. It is also connected with the Slovenian border and has Trieste to its north. The road arriving via Buje connects it with the eastern part of Istria and there’s a tunnel over the Ucka which connects it with the rest of Croatia.

Umag still holds several valuable monuments from the Roman Empire period. One of the best preserved monuments right now is Katoro, which is a Roman villa located around 2 km to the north of the city. In the many villas that are near this one, several Roman graves have been found as well.

Apart from the tennis fields, you can also find football pitches, mini golf courses and handball, volleyball and basketball fields. If you are a fan of water sports, you could check out your expertise in sports such as diving, water-skiing, sailing and windsurfing.

The region has various modern and attractive hotels that offer several interesting activities. You can also find nightclubs and discotheques here, along with some plush casinos.

You may also want to take a break from the water action and visit the small towns of the Istrian inland such as Buje, Buzet, Groznjan and Motovun, which aren’t quite distant from Umag. Here you could pamper your taste buds with local specialties such as the Istrian prosciutto, home cheese and truffles and then wash it all down with some excellent quality Istrian wines.