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Rovinj is certainly a place worth visiting; such beauty isn't seen anywhere else. Accessing the city becomes quite easy as well because of its several connections with the larger Istrian cities and the rest of Croatia. Ships from the larger ports of Croatia all sail to Rovinj.

The town of Rovinj is located on the west coast of Istria, to the north of Pula. It is a much-favored Croatian tourist destination which has tens of thousands of inhabitants.

This is quite a picturesque Istrian city which was devloped in times of antiquity. Historically, the city is found mentioned for the first time as Rubinium. The oldest part of the city was located on a little island. In 1763 AD, the inhabitants of Rovinj built a canal to join the small island to the mainland so as to increase the land avialable to them.

The place is favored by a mellow climate, which is the reason for the subtropical vegetation found here. You can see several glimpses of this vegetation in the legally protected park known as Zlatni RT in the surface 52 Ha. This was a fishing colony of the past which has now emerged as one of the topmost tourist destinations of Croatia.

Several Greens Islands are located in the local waters of Rovinj. Here you can find several modern hotels dotting some gorgeously clean and small bays. You can simply loaf around on these beaches, soaking in the sun, or go for a swim without any problem. Red Island, the biggest island in this archipelago, is only 15 minutes away from Rovinj if you access it by motorboat.