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Tourists who visit Rabac are quite delighted with the purity of the land and the mesmerizing beauty of the sea and the beaches, especially with the unique location of the town on the small bay with a massive limestone rock base, lined with the various promenades.

Rabac is a happening tourist destination located on the East Coast of Istria, not very far from the city of Labin. The entire city is situated on a bay of the same name and is surrounded by dense pine forests. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Rabac is the lighthouse present here which goes by the name of St. Andrew.

The city has propelled itself to being one of the most attractive tourist destinations within Istria. To keep up with its stature, it has various facilities for tourists such as hotel accommodation, private accommodation and various apartments and restaurants.

The Mediterranean climate of the place is another boosting factor as well. The region is rich with various restaurants that prepare meat and seafood specialties in the local style. Tourists can couple their dining experience with evening excursions on boats and partake of the excellent hospitality of the local people.