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Porec boasts of attractive hotels, private accommodations, fancy apartments and modern tourist areas with various facilities, especially the Blue and Green Lagoon areas. The region of Porec is also famous for its options for sports and recreation and a happening nightlife with various nightclubs, discotheques and other such activities.

Porec is centrally located on the west coast of Istria. It is the largest tourist destination in Croatia and the largest one in all of Istria.

The island of St. Nikola is located at just about a 10-minute drive away from Porec. This is where you can find hotels and numerous auxiliary tourist facilities, all surrounded by the lush green cover of the Mediterranean vegetation. Visiting the island of St. Nikola is a definite high point during a trip to Porec. There are frequent boats setting off to the island from town of Porec.

Porec is also rich in its history. Its historical evidences date from the prehistoric times. The region is especially rich in its history of the Roman period. Even today Roman city organizations are quite apparent in the old part of the city, mainly on its streets and squares.

The eastern and northern sides of Porec still preserve city walls of the Medieval Period, dating back to the 15th Century. One of the major monuments here, the Euphrasian Basilica is registered with the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage 1997 years. The basilica was built somewhere in the middle of the 6th Century AD