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Novigrad is quite distinguished by its easily-identifiable arborous surroundings and a dissociated coastline. In addition, it has a strong impact of medieval architecture. Not without reason, the town is known as the most romantic city in Istria.

Novigrad is located halfway between Porec and Umag. It is a little lively town that holds an interesting appeal for tourists.

The city was originally spread out on an island, and was connected to the coast in the 18th century. Even today, the old part of the city remains, holding several reminders of its medieval town-planning arrangement.

The historical part of Novigrad is surrounded by dilapidated walls of the Medieval Period, replete with defense towers. There are small squares all through the town connected with narrow, winding streets and houses in the Gothic style. A lot of the architecture of the city harks back to the Medieval Period.

The monuments include the palace of Rigo dating back to 1760. The palace is known for its decorative baroque portal and its distyle. The ground floor of the palace houses a rich collection of antique monuments, mostly of the Medieval Period. You will also find valuable fragments of stone furniture from the previously used cathedral partitions in the present-day parochial church.

The gourmets will find here rows upon rows of neatly arranged restaurants in which several delicacies from the local Istrian kitchen are easily available.

The place offers people with several facilities for camping and hotel accommodation. Also you can find great private accommodation. A holiday in Novigrad turns out to be an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.