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Buje is definitely known for its vineyards and wine vaults. Most of the households here are into an occupation that is best defined as agritourism.

The city of Buje is located on a hill which was inhabited even in the age of the Romans. It is just about 10 km away from Umag.

The main town square of this city features several Venetian palaces, along with a baroque parish church named St. Servola, which dates back to the 16th Century AD. Apart from this, there is also the breathtaking church St. Marija, which dates back to the 15th Century AD.

Buje stays as a very interesting place for local tourists. People enjoy the fact that this town is located on an elevation from the highest point of which you can get fantastic views of the plowed fields, vineyards and olive groves below.

It is not wrong to call this place as a foodie's paradise because of the great medley of Istrian specialties you can find here. You can find all local delectables from truffles to preys to excellent Istrian prosciutto and cheese and several sea specialties and locally made wines.

And, it is not all about food. Along with satisfying your palate, this town can also help you unleash the active adventurer inside you. You can go riding with nature, you can go biking on the mountains, you can simply climb on the mountains and partake of its rich natural delights.